How to Build a World Class Customer Experience

Save your spot at this Signature Event to Elevate Your Customer Service Game and Create a Truly Unforgettable Experience for Your Customers!

This workshop is designed to take you on a transformative journey, guided by Jody Maberry and Stephen Merrill, in collaboration with the renowned Lee Cockerell, retired Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World.

Dates: July 27, 2024!

Location: Rosen School of Hospitality Management - Orlando, FL


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An unforgettable time of learning and community building

you won't want to miss! 

In this full-day workshop, you will gain the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to create a complete customer experience, surpassing the ordinary and delivering exceptional service at every touchpoint. Get ready to rewrite the story of your customer's perfect day and turn it into a reality within your organization.

Here's what you can expect from this World Class workshop:

Develop Your Customer Experience Story: You will learn how to craft a compelling and authentic customer experience story that captures the essence of your brand. By intricately planning and detailing every step of your customer's journey, you will set the stage for an exceptional experience from start to finish.

Bring the Story to Life: Discover how to empower your team to embrace the story and live it through their actions, attitudes, and service delivery. Gain insights into proven techniques derived from world-class organizations, including Walt Disney World, to ensure your team consistently delivers a superior customer experience.

Implementation Strategies: This workshop is not just about talking theory; it's about execution. You will leave with a concrete plan to integrate the customer experience story into the fabric of your organization, ensuring front-line staff effectively translates the vision into reality.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn the art of creating world-class customer experiences.

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