To the Visionaries, the Game-Changers, and the Aspiring Legends:

Unlock the Magic of Exceptional Leadership and Service with The Cockerell Academy

Your journey towards unparalleled leadership and creating memorable experiences—worthy of Disney's acclaim—begins here. The Cockerell Academy isn’t just a learning platform; it’s your playbook for transforming how you lead, serve, and grow.


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A New Era of Leadership Excellence

If you could unlock the secrets to exceptional leadership and customer service, transforming your team and customer experience without the traditional barriers of time-consuming processes or organizational resistance... would you be ready to step into a new era of success and recognition?

Welcome to the brink of transformation. At The Cockerell Academy, inspired by the legendary service and leadership ethos of Disney, Hilton, and Marriott, we unlock a new dimension of leadership for you. Imagine leading with confidence, serving with excellence, and creating an enviable workplace culture that others can only aspire to.

Where Ambition Meets Transformation

In the face of mounting responsibilities and the relentless pace of change, you might feel stuck—wondering if true leadership and service excellence are beyond reach.

There’s too much push-back

Time isn’t on your side

The gap between where you are and where you want to be seems to widen despite your best efforts.

“It’s Not Magic That Makes It Work,
It’s The Way We Work That Makes It Magic.”

Now, picture a reality where every decision you make is infused with wisdom, every action you take inspires your team, and every customer interaction is memorable. This isn’t a distant dream—it’s your TRUE (or Magical) potential future with The Cockerell Academy.

Proven Results...
Forget the old notion that exceptional leadership and service skills take a lifetime to master or that such levels of success are reserved for the naturally gifted. The Cockerell Academy’s proven methodologies are your bridge to achieving extraordinary results.


Your journey towards becoming a leader who not only inspires but creates lasting impact

Introducing The Cockerell Academy’s 12-Month Mastery Program—a meticulously designed journey that systematically unfolds the full spectrum of leadership and service excellence, month by month, ensuring not just learning but real transformation.

Led by Lee Cockerell, whose groundbreaking work has propelled Disney, Hilton, and Marriott to global leadership, this program distills decades of frontline experience into actionable lessons. Lee’s journey from a driven individual to an inspiring leader and executive is at the heart of our academy.

What People Are Saying

Hear from members who’ve walked this path before you and emerged transformed. From entrepreneurs scaling their startups to executives refining their leadership, our members’ successes speak to the transformative power of our curriculum.

Kenneth Johnson
CEO of Blue Sentry

I have now finished the course and fully implemented ALL of it. I am seeing great results already with the combination of great principles and an effective system. I am at least 50% more productive than I was before.

Lori Allen
Director of Great Escape Publishing

It's not really about time management. It's more about getting hard things done. Looking polished and feeling polished. Getting ahead, getting a raise, gaining control, starting your own business, accomplishing great and powerful things and still having time for health, family and wellness. It sounds like a lot and it is but I don't feel overwhelmed. I feel strong about it all!! By the end of module four I was hooked. I made a few changes at work and everyone noticed. I made some changes at home and again, everyone noticed. It's brilliant!

Paul Roberts
Director of Education and Market Development
The Word & Brown General Agency

I have spent a good portion of the past several weeks working my way through the Cockerell Academy – and I must say, it is astounding! I find the program highly valuable. The Cockerell Academy’s lessons are in easily-digestible, bite-size segments – which make them easy to consume, think about, and implement. Lee’s charm and personality shine throughout the courses, as well as Jody Maberry’s passion for delivering the best student-experience and quality. The simple, heartfelt, and important lessons taught in the academy have already helped me tenfold, and I am looking forward to working my way through the academy as it continues to evolve. Way to go, Cockerell Academy! Thanks, Lee!


What Sets The Cockerell Academy Apart?

  • Expertise That Transforms: Learn from Lee Cockerell, whose unparalleled experience with the world's leading brands has set new benchmarks in leadership and service.
  • A Journey, Not a Sprint: Our monthly content delivery ensures that each lesson is not just learned but absorbed and implemented, guaranteeing meaningful, long-lasting change.
  • Beyond Learning: Engage with a vibrant community of leaders on the same path, share insights, and grow together. Our live group calls and exclusive content vault offer continuous support and inspiration.
  • Practical Tools for Immediate Action: With resources like the Morning Magic Planner and a wealth of actionable content, you’re equipped to start making a difference from day one.

Your membership grants you immediate access to our core courses, including “Time Management Magic,” “Real Leadership,” and “World-Class Customer Service,” designed to elevate your capabilities from the get-go.


Academy Courses Available

With your subscription to Cockerell Academy, you will get access to every course. Courses are focused on leadership, management, culture, and customer service.

Real Leadership:

10 common sense leadership strategies from a life at Disney. Take a dive into your role as a leader by focusing on how you can serve your customers and employees

Everybody Matters:

To build an inclusive environment everybody needs to know they matter. Learn how to make diversity and inclusion part of your culture.

Better Decisions:

With the right frameworks and decision-making tree, you can make better decisions in your career.

World-Class Customer Service:

Learn how to apply the 39 Essential Rules for Delivering Sensational Service.

Perfect Day For Your Customers:

Not only will you learn to write a story describing the perfect day for your customers, you will understand how to implement the story through your entire organization.

Plus, more courses and bonus trainings released each month! 

Dive deeper each month with courses that build upon each other, from mastering your mornings in “Morning Magic Planning” to advancing your career with “Career Magic 30.” Our monthly content delivery ensures each lesson is absorbed and applied.

Career Magic 30:

Thirty lessons to help you advance your career. Imagine sitting down to get career advice once a day for a month with the Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World. This course is like your virtual coffee meeting.

Morning Magic Planning:

Fifteen minutes of planning every morning will change the direction of your life. This course will show you how to make the most of planning time with the Morning Magic Planner.

Time Management Magic:

Get more done every day. Stop surviving and start thriving. Learn the exact system I have taught at Marriott and Disney and now teach to organizations all over the world.

How To Achieve Performance Excellence:

Learn proven strategies and techniques to take your business and performance to the next level.

You also get..

The Main Street Leader:

With The Main Street Leader Newsletter, you'll receive monthly articles to further your leadership development from Lee Cockerell, retired Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World.

Free Life-Changing Daily and Weekly Planner

Gain access to the #1 resource within the Cockerell Academy. Get your day back on track with the Morning Magic Planner.

Our Cockerell Confidence Guarantee ensures your satisfaction. Explore the program for 30 days, and if it doesn’t exceed your expectations, receive a full refund. No gimmicks, just a promise of your transformative journey. 

Must login and complete 100% of the program, giving the content a 30 day effort before requesting a refund. 

Most Organizations Don’t Have A Comprehensive Leadership Strategy. Your Plan To Become A Better Leader and Organization Begins Today.

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Are You Ready to Be Legendary?

Don’t let another day pass wishing for change. Join The Cockerell Academy and step into the shoes of the leader you were meant to be. Your team, your clients, and the world await the magic only you can bring.

Perfect For You If…

Perfect for ambitious leaders at any level, The Cockerell Academy is designed for those who refuse to settle for less than extraordinary in their leadership journey and customer service excellence.

Joining The Cockerell Academy means embarking on a journey of growth and achievement. Choose the plan that suits you best—twelve payments of $39 or $399/one time for unmatched value and savings. Start transforming your leadership today with our risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee.


Have questions?

Whether it’s about the curriculum’s fit for your unique challenges or how the program works, our FAQ section is here to provide clarity and confidence as you make this pivotal decision.

Your legacy as a leader starts today.

Don’t let another day pass wishing for change. Embrace the journey to mastery with The Cockerell Academy. Your team, your clients, and the world await the magic only you can bring.


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