Lee Cockerell is one of the most impressive leaders that I have seen in any environment….. And I have seen some really good ones. Simply put, he is absolutely brilliant. Lee is an inspirational leader who demonstrates a gift for building teams. His ability to communicate his philosophy of leadership in a way that is easily embraced by others is extraordinary. Lee’s strongest trait however is that he leads by example. He has been exceptionally successful in every endeavor because he actually lives by those principles outlined in his philosophy. The leadership community will benefit immensely from his thoughts.

General Lloyd J. Austin III

Vice Chief of Staff, US Army

Disney is one of the world’s prime exemplars of service having pioneered and implemented much of what is today seen as best practice in service management. Lee Cockerell has played a major role in this. In the US he has been recognised and honoured by various organisations including an award by the Production and Operations Management Society for his leadership in service management. Lee has now set out to document his experience and principles in leading part of these developments in Disney. For those wishing to learn how Disney has achieved its reputation for service, this will be a book to read.

Chris Voss

Professor of Operations and Technology Management, London Business School

Lee is a powerhouse when it comes to developing and inspiring leadership in front line employees and managers. During my years working with him at Disney and in all of my senior management positions since, I have used his leadership philosophies to successfully develop effective leaders and cultivate business environments focused on service excellence.

Karl McDonnell

President & Chief Operating Officer, Strayer Education, Inc.

Lee Cockerell delivers his ideas about leadership in a common sense way that can really reach people and help them improve their effectiveness at work, at home, and in their communities. His valuable leadership strategies and remarkable Disney stories will ring true for everyone.

Ken Blanchard

Co-author of The One Minute Manager and Leading at a Higher Level

Elegant in its simplicity and practicality, Lee has distilled many powerful leadership strategies into the lessons many of us learned as children. They are no less relevant to our working lives. At its core, Creating Magic is a collection of stories that reminds us to demonstrate care and respect for every member of the team and to focus our efforts not on ourselves but on the people we lead.

George Bodenheimer

President, ESPN, Inc and ABC Sports

Shows the magic in leadership – and the leadership in magic!….

Marshall Goldsmith

New York Times best-selling author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There - the Harold Longman Award - Business Book of the Year

Lee Cockerell created a distinctly unique service culture at Disney World. In that culture, each cast member perceives himself or herself as important to the success of the enterprise. How many organizations call on everyone at every level to treat each guest (customer) as a cherished friend? I know of none other. Disney people are fully aware of this special responsibility. While at first it may seem extreme, ultimately Lee Cockerell’s thesis is believable: Creating Magic. Essential to fulfilling this strategy is a complete understanding of the nature of leadership which Lee spells out in his book. Managing is not enough. It takes leadership to create excellence.

The process of leadership and leadership training unleashes boundless energy and commitment. The formula is not limited to the hospitality industry. It works for healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and education. It applies to the government, military, and not-for-profit ventures, as well as private industry. Those who practice these lessons, and participate in such organizations, live in a better world.

Martin K. Starr

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Operations Management, Crummer Graduate School of Business