Career Magic

How To Stay On Track To Achieve A Stellar Career

Career Magic is a unique book full of priceless advice and insightful experience. Lee chronicles how he went from being a college dropout, rose through the ranks at both Hilton and Marriott, and ultimately became the Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World Resorts.

Lee candidly shares the specific things he did to experience such dramatic success in the corporate world, but he also shares the mistakes he made along the way, and the million–dollar lessons he learned that ultimately led him to the top spot at the number one vacation destination in the world.

“The ideas in Lee’s books aren’t only for managers in the workplace, they’re for everyone, every place! Lee shares his personal planning system that made possible his thriving executive career with entertainment and hospitality industry giants. Read this book to maximize your success in life!”

– Ken Blanchard, Coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Legendary Service

Cockerell had a long career with three great companies; Hilton, Marriott, and Disney. Career Magic chronicles his career through the ups and downs. Lee has been through all of the disappointments and delights that we have in our career. Now retired, Lee looks back and pulls lessons from his working years that we can all learn from.

Inspiring! Reading these books I feel like Lee is my own Mentor. He shares his journey and how he achieved every million dollar experience. Today I am changing careers and this book fits perfectly. It is inspiring, fun and enriching. Read and discover how a country boy from Oklahona became the Executive Vice President of Operations for the Walt Disney World® Resort.

– David, Amazon Verified Buyer

Again, Lee shares great wisdom and practicality. His deep desire to make people better through the sharing of his experiences, expertise, passion, and gifts comes through again. Read these books, apply the principles, and your career and personal life will soar! I am a doctor, a medical director, physician coach, and speaker for a large healthcare system.
– Charles Ireland, Amazon Verified Buyer

Time Management Magic

How To Get More Done Every Day And Move From Surviving To Thriving

Executive Time Management Secrets from a Life at Disney. Lee had to become a time management expert, first as a means of survival and then as a way to help others make the best use of their time. The time management secrets he developed have become one of his most requested corporate training lectures and are now available to you in this tell–all book.

“The magic behind Walt Disney World involves really no magic at all. Most people overlook the careful diligence and time management skills required to manage the daily checklists, systems and schedules being executed by the army of over 40,000 employees that were led by Lee Cockerell.”
– Clay Clark, U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year

The Customer Rules

The 39 Essential Rules for Delivering Sensational Service

In 39 digestible, bite-sized chapters, Lee shares everything he has learned in his 40+ year career in the hospitality industry about creating an environment that keeps customers coming back for more. Here, Lee not only shows why the customer always rules, but also the Rules for serving customers so well they’ll never want to do business with anyone but you.

As simple as they are profound, these principles have been shown to work in companies as large as Disney and as small as a local coffee shop; from businesses selling cutting-edge technologies to those selling products as timeless as shoes and handbags; at corporations as long-standing as Ford Motors and those as nascent as a brand new start-up.

Creating Magic

10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies from a Life at Disney

The secret for creating “magic” in our careers, our organizations, and our lives is simple: outstanding leadership—the kind that inspires employees, delights customers, and achieves extraordinary business results.

Combining surprising business wisdom with insightful and entertaining stories from Lee’s four decades on the front lines of some of the world’s best-run companies, Creating Magic shows all of us – from small business owners to managers at every level – how to become better leaders by infusing quality, character, courage, enthusiasm, and integrity into our workplace and into our lives.