A-Game Magic!




(With Professor Tim McHeffey)

For College Marketing Students by Lee Cockerell
Former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World®

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Note to students; we will be scratching the surface in this undergraduate PUBLIC RELATIONS and/or MARKETING RESEARCH course.  Here in this course, in this book—you will get a little taste of everything… for this strategy of looking at topics like why and how employees and customers behave… to generally-used business terms—result in well-rounded Marketing and PR Practitioners.  This is what employers tell us they want—over and over again. And as Guerrilla Marketing Guru Jay Levinson said, just do a little more of what works and a little less of what does not.  The same is true with your marketing career; follow your interests… a little more at a time.  Simplicity rules.  Price Pritchett says, “Narrow life down to what’s precious and necessary. In a world of complexity, simplicity is the best weapon.”  Business is a beautiful thing, but often in academia we complicate it.  The goal of the A-Game is to take something potentially and frequently complicated– and simplify it.  It’s more enjoyable that way, and surprisingly more effective as well.

(As the Senior Operating Executive, Lee Cockerell led a team of 40,000 Cast Members and was responsible for the operations of 20 resort hotels and 4 theme parks)

“It’s not the magic that makes if work,” says Lee Cockerell. “It’s the way we work that makes it magic!”  He was talking about running Disney, but the same message can potentially apply to any company or endeavor.  When we work diligently and consistently and do right by others, life flows; things seem to work out in the long run.  This book will help you to do the right thing… in marketing activities and business life in general.  It is what employers tell us they desire.  It is what makes for happy work and home lives.

The world knows our educational system can use some help.  Memorizing lengthy theories is dead.  This “magical” material may ignite your spark, and when used cleverly and productively, will energize you from being bored and too-much-classroom-texting!  Employers want grads who can think, and think deeply but also with empathy for a world which is thirsty for fresh ideas and healthy spirits.


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